New url. New year. New me

Assalamualaikum.. Happy new year guys. I'm too late yeah and i dun care about it. Here i want to tell ya about my new blog? no. I've just change the url. I think i should to change it. Idkw actually,not because i dont like hunhan. Mybe i just want to make a new comeback of my life. Yes is it mybe. Kekeke

So,about my new url. It a shortorm of my name also taehyung *V (FRHxV) yeah that's the mean of it. Also for this year i want to study more hard before this. Since my result of PT3 just okay for me. Because of it,i want to study hard. Well just 2yrs more till i struggle for SPM. Even my friends said that i really a quiet girl and not talking much last year.It's not because im arrogant but it is the true of my life. And so on,this year i will started talking but not too often. Hehehehe

No more the bad day in my life for this year. InShaAllah.. And sorry if my english a little bit awkward. From here I will learn from mistakes and i will improve my english. Just a simple post here. I need to do smthing. I will keep on update if i have an ample time. 

Assalamualaikum and adios~