Berry's 1st Year-End Giveaway

Click this hand-maded ugly banner to join.
 Assalamualaikum. Okay,yesterday i've found this interesting giveaway. This giveaway just only have the simple rules and it was easy for me. Just to follow,click that and that lol. And guess what? The prize is amazing and wow i love it just because it's from polarlight. Btw,this giveaway was divided in 2 parts. 1 for the kpoppers and another one is for the non-kpoppers. So,let see the prizes here. Most of them is exo stuffies. 

{ credit to Belly }
The prizes are *drumrolls*


1. Baekhyun photocards/bookmark from Polar Light calendar.

2. EXO-K postcards (unofficial)

3. EXO XOXO logo inspired felt keychains. (handmade by myself ^^)
4. Handbanners from 2013 Golden Disk Awards (this is my collection. I will only give away a few)
5. EXO-K stickers (unofficial)
7. EPOP/KLIK posters (random artists)


 (Brooches, deco stickers, mask, tudung bawal, knitted pouch, random plush keychains.

I really want kpop stuffies badly. /ugly cry/ I hope that i can win this. 

So,how is it? Interesting right? So,lets join this giveaway. Ohh yaa,before i stop. My Ultimate bis in exo is Luhan. As you can see,Baekhyun,Sehun,Kyungsoo and another members and another group also is my bias. So many~ lol xD

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