Happy Birthday Yeollie !

Assalamualaikum and MorNight guys~ Yeahh,most of Yeollie-stan know what day are today right? Well,today is #ChanyeolVirusDay and it's already trending at twitter an hours ago~ Anyways,i'm too excited for EXO Showtime. /Idk why i'm post this using English/

LOL,B4 that han nak cakap yang han tak sempat nak buat icon bagai ;____; It's because im learning to make a poster. Hehehe,poster sempena Yeollie birthday~

 Nice tak poster ni? It take a long time to finished it,well i'm just learning to make it. Btw,thank you to maryam and nana unnie for the tutor. I'm glad it. Mungkin font yang han guna tu tak sesuai. And i forgot to fill the background colour. Huh -.- nevermind. Ppyong~