Review Blog : Seonmul
Assalamualaikum and annyeong le'chingus~ 
'What is Seonmul actually?' Han banyak terima soalan begini kat cbox,sejak Han jadi member Seonmul. Yeahh,im officially seonnies rn~ :D Kalau nak join hanya isi borang kat situ. LOL borang? xD nvm~ bukak je blog Seonmul,then korang boleh tanya kat situ kalau tak faham. ;) Ape link blog seonmul?? tak payah cari,tekan dekat banner kat atas cbox Han je. Kan senang kerja.

What is Seonmul?
Seonmul (a Korean word for "gift"), is a page where we gather all the bloggers who are into Korean culture, music and dramas (or simply, K-Pop). This blog will work as a hub for blog-readers to find K-pop related blogs, as well as to help promote blogs which is related to K-Pop. The name SEONMUL was chosen because we believe that every new friend is like a gift sent from God to make us happy, and to be by our side during our ups and downs. The members of this community will be called Seonnies (does it sound weird? hehe~)
The idea came when we realized that there are many K-pop fans in Malaysia who blog about K-Pop (and have beautiful layouts with K-Pop idols on it) so we thought that it would be amazing to have them all in one page for the others to visit too and that is how Seonmul is created.

This is totally a non-profit blog. You are free to join, and we are not paid to promote your blog. Any giveaways, or freebies given by us are totally from our personal funding. However, may you feel like donating, just contact us. ^^

Our objectives:

  • To gather all bloggers with similar interests (K-Pop)
  • To gain more friends and affiliates for your blog
  • To help promote blogs by giving a shoutout every time a blog is updated.
  • To help promote giveaway, or any project made by the members
  • To share our love of K-Pop with everyone.
Who can join:
  • A K-pop fan who owns a blog
  • Bloggers who often write about K-Pop in their blog
  • Blogs written in Malay, English, Bahasa Indonesia, Chinese or Korean (preferably English)
  • Blog must be updated at least once a month
Benefit of joining:
  • Save your time to blogwalk to so many sites to find affies. You can find all blogs here.
  • We help promote your blog and all y our updates
  • We will click on your nuffnang link (terms and conditions apply)
  • Meet new friends who are also K-Pop lovers
  • Free custom-made banner for each new application.
How do we promote:
  • All your blogs, and updates will be promoted via Twitter, our front-page and also Instagram.
  • The more often you update, the more often your website will be put on the front-page.
It's look interesting right? So,let's join this. You also can request a button. I request for it,and here. It look nice. :)

 p/s : Pray on me for final-exam in this week. Good luck to PMR candidates,do the best ;)